Horse treatments

I have been working as a massage therapist for humans and horses since 2001. The basics of that work for me is to "read" the body in terms of tensions, blocked joints, lack of circulation, pains, decreased movement and discomfort, and after that try to release tension and increase flow and circulation again.

And one important thing is to do that work with as little negative impact, risk of damage, strain and pain as possible. But at the same time reach as good results as possible.

If the soft tissues release, the skeleton will go back to a normal position and joints will have normal mobility and tonus again.

People often say -It is easier to work with humans, because they can tell you where the pain is. But the problem is, the spot with pain is often not the main cause of problem. If you don't ask, and instead just feel and read the body, you can find the "silent" and blocked parts who then causes other parts to be overloaded, strained and painful.

If you release tension in those parts, many problems just heal "by them selves" and complicated problems end up having a really easy solution.

The best tool to release tension so far is the fascia wave machine. It is by far the most effective and also comfortable treatment equipment I have ever tried or worked with.

It seems to be able to restore damaged tissues who have been over worked, it can release tension from strain and injuries. It increases circulation and the amount of fluids moving in the fascial tissues. It seems to shut of negative blockages in the nerve system, that holds contraction. So when the nerve signals go back to neutral, tension releases and the body can rest and relax -and heal.

All the clients who tried it is positive, and horses seems to be able to work with a better posture, movement and from that, they last longer without damage and injuries from overload.

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Best regards / Märta